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  Study Title: Design and Evaluation of a Co-parenting Breastfeeding Online Course

You are invited to participate in this research study lead by Dr. Jennifer Abbass Dick from University of Ontario Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Durham Region Health Department and University of Toronto.

The purpose of the study is to design and evaluate an online co-parenting and breastfeeding course for first time expectant and new parents who are planning to breastfeed their infants.

The purpose of this phase is to obtain feedback about the online resource from expectant parents, parents and health care professionals and individuals who provide support to breastfeeding women.
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to fill out an online survey. The questionnaire will ask your opinion regarding the course design, content and usability.

The survey is completely anonymous which means no one will know the answers came from you. Your contact information will not be collected. Only the research team will have access to the data. You can withdraw from the study at any time by closing your browser window. Any information collected before you withdraw will be discarded. It will not be possible to withdraw after the survey has been submitted as the survey is anonymous and it would not be possible to locate your particular survey.

There is no known risk to participating in this study. Doing this survey is completely voluntary and there will be no negative consequences if you choose not to do it. You can withdraw at any time before you submit your survey.

Your participation is very important to us as the results will be used to assist us in determining the usability of the site and to obtain suggestions for improvements. The results of this phase may be presented at conference, published in peer reviewed journal and/or shared between the participating organizations. Only summarized results will be presented and no names will be appeared in the report. If you request to receive a copy of the results, an email will be sent to you on upon completion of the study informing you of the study results.

This research project has been approved by both the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Research Ethics Board on (April 10, 2014; file #13-101) and Durham Region Health Department Ethics Review Committee. If you have any questions concerning the research study, or experience any discomfort related to the study please contact the researcher at Any questions regarding your rights as a participant, complaints or adverse events may be addressed to Research Ethics Board through the Compliance Office (905 721 8668 ext 3693). By clicking the Next button you are providing your consent to participate in this study.